How to Sell

How to sell on

MachineryMarket.com is designed to make the process of selling equipment as fast, secure and easy as possible. You can get offers for your machine from different buyers. Finally you can make the sale by accepting the most suitable offer for you.


Post a free ad

Post free , unlimited ads. Enter the important information of your machine and the photos of the desired sections


Evaluate your Offers

Review incoming offers. Sell to your highest bidder or immediate buyer.


Complete the Sale

Plan the shipping and delivery process with the buyer. Deliver the product entirely, as listed and finish the sale.

Get a Quote

The most important way to sell your equipment quickly and easily is to receive offers from different buyers. Set a minimum initial bid amount; You can accept the best offer by evaluating the offers. Thus, you can reliably turn your equipment into cash as soon as possible.

How Does the Sales Process Work?

Buyer pays service fee
The buyer pays the service fee of ismakinesi.com within 2 days after the offer is approved or with the Buy Now option.

Buyer pays the sales price
After the service fee is paid, the buyer must pay the full price of the item, including taxes and charges, within 7 days.

Buyer receives product
The buyer organizes the delivery and shipping process with the seller. The buyer must receive the product from the seller within 7 days at the latest. During product delivery, the seller enters the code on the shipping document into the system. When the code is entered, the contact information of the person who will receive the product appears. When the SMS sent to the relevant person is entered into the system, the delivery of the product is confirmed. Do not deliver the product before completing this step.

Seller pays
After delivery, the seller confirms the bank information and uploads the buyer's invoice to the system. After the buyer receives the product, the sales price is transferred to the seller by deducting the service fee within 10 working days.

About Advertisements to be Posted

Post unlimited and free ads. Enter the specified parts of your machine with photos and important information in the advertisement.

Review incoming offers. Sell to your highest bidder or immediate buyer.

Plan the shipping and delivery process with your buyer. Complete the sale by paying the service fee.