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MachineryMarket.com, a global marketplace, is your new destination for selling your company's surplus equipment and buying affordable used machinery. We offer the fastest and easiest way to sell your equipment and list ads that reduce your costs for purchasing used equipment. We bring buyers and sellers from all over the world together and we offer a service where you can make multiple offers so that you can have your equipment at advantageous prices.

About Us

Today, it is of great importance for the heavy machinery and construction equipment market to meet the needs of buyers and sellers through online sales. We offer the most reliable and easy solutions for buying and selling used construction equipment, allowing you to access the equipment you need from anywhere you are. With machinerymarket.com, you can easily browse and compare various brands and equipment models from wherever you are, and reach buyers from all over the world by listing your equipment for sale for free.

Why machinerymarket.com?

Machinerymarket.com offers many advantages that make buying and selling used heavy equipment and machinery easier.  
Wide selection of vehicles: You can discover various construction and agricultural machinery from different countries, including excavators, forklifts, loaders, and platforms.  
Secure transactions: Products are photographed in all details  At the payment step, your money is held with the assurance of Machinerymarket.com. After you receive the product, your money is transferred to the seller's account. 

Advantage of making an offer: You can make purchases that fit your budget by bidding on the products you like. 
Solutions that facilitate trade: You can reach a wider potential customer base and equipment listings for both buying and selling. You can have a  more transparent and secure market experience.